Carolle, Artist

Carolle is my name. It’s not just my artist’s name but my first name. My parents spelled it with two “l’s”. It’s not common because in English or French we have only one “l” and I’m very proud of it.


I was born and raised in Province of Quebec in a military family with no inclination for the arts but very literate.


Each year I had to move, relearn how to live in a new place, make new friends, each time build a new story.


Younger I lived in Europe and I was marked by this period of my life. When my father was transferred to Belgium we traveled to many countries, including France and Italy which remain my greatest memories.


Since that time France attracted me. It’s a land of arts and dreams, a real source for the imagination.


My inspiration comes from long family winter evenings and the wonderful Canadian nature. I have been painting my passion since childhood when I started drawing animals and the people around me. My search for reality defined my paintings among the realists. However, I don’t like frames (maybe kind of weird for an artist?), they are too narrow, lacking space. This is why I use and practice all kinds of mediums: acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor and many more.


I love all forms of art and I learned with passion, humility, consistency and patience.
Sharing this passion with my students and develop their own artistic personality.
I am an artist who has persevered and progressed by drawing inspiration. Capturing the movement and the moment.


I feel my art every time someone asks me to paint a portrait of their animal or a loved one. In each painting I put all my soul so that the subject lives eternally.
Today I live in the “Landes” in France, near pines forest and Atlantic Ocean. These landscapes are perfect to my inspiration.

In fact, everything is there to stimulate my creations. I let you discover it.